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These celebrities can’t get enough of Snapchat

Every social media platform has its own heroes who are part of its success. Facebook has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example. In turn, Donald Trump rules with his peculiar style on Twitter. What about Snapchat then? It might be a little surprise for you, but I don’t have the Kardashian family in mind, nor do Jenner sisters nor DJ Khaled cross my mind. Why? Because they are only a tip of the Snapchat iceberg. More interesting things happen beneath.

It seems that Snapchat is too often recognized as a huge loser in the social media world. This assertion is strongly based on unsatisfying news delivered from NASDAQ over a long period of time. Additionally, others - by this kind of report for example - try to associate this unlucky situation with Snap IPO and alleged significant numbers of its influencers who are fleeing away and changing flag with Instagram logo. To put it simply, a game for Snapchat is over.

More and more small businesses start discovering this mobile app. A scene of Snapchat art, which we partly covered many weeks ago, is burgeoning. Obviously, you can still notice that someone goes out but others come in there, too. You can come across tech Snapchat influencer Oliver Isaacs or amazing story about Kevin Stephens, an ordinary London driver who became a Snapchat star. The balance is preserved, in general.

Stop talking about escapes set by Snapchat influencers because many of the celebs are addicted to this mobile app. They are the big names, so get ready for shock, consternation, astonishment or revelation - depending on your confidence level of Snapchat future. Here they are for you, listed in alphabetical order.

Steve Aoki

He appears on Snapchat as: aokisteve

Steve Aoki life on Snapchat

Jonathan Cheban aka Foodgod

He appears on Snapchat as: jonathancheban

Foodgod on Snapchat



He appears on Snapchat as: diplo

Diplo on Snapchat


Snoop Dogg

He appears on Snapchat as: snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg on Snapchat


Lewis Hamilton

He appears on Snapchat as: lewishamilton

Lewin Hamilton's selfies from Snapchat


Calvin Harris

He appears on Snapchat as: calvinharris

Calvin Harris on Snapchat 


Paris Hilton

She appears on Snapchat as: parishilton

Paris Hilton on Snapchat


Perez Hilton

He appears on Snapchat as: theperezhilton

Perez Hilton on Snapchat


Jared Leto

He appears on Snapchat as: jaredleto

Jared Leto 


Eva Longoria

She appears on Snapchat as: realevalongoria

Eva Longoria on Snapchat


Demi Lovato

She appears on Snapchat as: theddlovato

Demi Lovato on Snapchat


Gwen Stefani

She appears on Snapchat as: itsgwenstefani

Gwen Stefani on Snapchat


Reese Witherspoon

She appears on Snapchat as: snapsbyreese

Reese Witherspoon on Snapchat

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