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Music artists on Snapchat to watch in 2018

2017 is coming to the end. It’s time to recap or make some steps further. We went for second way because of a specific thing. Our post entitled Music artists on Snapchat to watch in 2017 was among top 3 most readable articles from our blog in 2017. So we will go with the flow.

We prepared for you a really huuuge list. 2018 edition comprises almost 40 music names from three continents. You can find artistic representation from the US, UK and Canada, but also from Finland, Colombia, Sweden, Norway, Cuba, France, Bulgaria and Brazil.

A range of music tastes is quite broad too. From pop and rock music to soul and hip-hop, everyone will find something special. Have a nice listening and sound experience.

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara snapchat

An array of music nominations (from the one for Billboard Music Awards, through American Music Awards to Grammy Award recently) confirms that this Canadian singer galvanizes music industry. It thanks to her versatile, ripened music sense. Alessia is a real competitor for Ariana Grande, for example.

She is on Snapchat as Itsalesssia

To Listen: Here, Seventeen


Alma snapchat

Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’ll probably be a surprise for you to hear her stunning voice which, subjectively, may not correspond with her punkish image. However, get rig off the biases and silly social patterns because all these things don’t deserve it. This revelation from Finland has beaten global dancefloors many times and she will be doing it again, and again.

She is on Snapchat as Cyberalma

To Listen: Chasing Highs, Phases


Ashe snapchat

Californian Ashlyn Willson knows how to content a water and fire in the music industry. Even if she doesn’t revise a current course of pop music, Ashe proposition is more sophisticated form managed by stellar soul vibes and modern downtempo tones. A great balance between mainstream attributions and pallet of underground inspirations. Pure sound temptation.

She is on Snapchat as ashemusic

To Listen: Used to it, Girl Who Cried Wolf


BeMy snapchat

The music by these French brothers is like driving fast: enjoyable, exciting and crazy. So if you prefer authentic frivolity in indie rock music, it’s a good choice for you. A lot of surprises guaranteed.

They are on Snapchat as mattia-brah

To Listen: Islands, Playard

Belly Squad

Belly Squad snapchat

A huge success of grime music across the world is the result of its natural strengths: diversity and openness. That’s why following generations of this scene are recognized as proponents of next thing in UK urban music. These three Londoners, who explore their past (afrobeats’ background) and presence (rap and dancehall influences), push grime music a few steps further, definitely.

They are on Snapchat as: bellysquad

To Listen: Sun Goes Down, Banana

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish snapchat

Someone sent her from heaven to salvage pop music on earth. However, Bellie isn’t a sweet girl with a lollipop. In fact, her esoteric, profound voice can enchant subconsciously. Especially that she hasn’t expanded her full potential yet because of her age (15 years old). For everybody, who listens to Lorde or Lana Del Rey-like stuff.

She is on Snapchat as billieeilish

To Listen: Bellyache, Watch

Camila Cabello

If you’re picked the number one of Top Five Breakout Artists in 2017 by Spotify globally, it means a world is expecting you. Even if you have deserted Fifth Harmony band. This Havanian young lady brings the tons of exotic feelings to pop music. It’s good for her. So get ready for Penelope Cruz of the music industry.

She is on Snapchat as camilacabello

To Listen: Havana, Crying in the Club

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi snapchat

Someone said that he’s the male version of Adele. Although it seems to be a little of an exaggeration, the devil is in the details. Lewis’s intense, charismatic voice allows that listener literally feel his artistic passion. Listen to his magical songs, and you won’t regret it.

He is on Snapchat as LewisCapaldi

Bangers: Bruises, Lost On You


Codeko snapchat

Zedd, watch out! Ed Clark incoming. He’s super talented producer as well as remixer. Each tune accomplished by Ed is an absolutely certain bomb on EDM scene. 2018 sounds promising.

He is on Snapchat as CodekoMusic

To Listen: Say Hi, Walking With Lions


Dave snapchat

Would you like to hear John Legend of grime underground? So here you go. But don’t ever try to label Dave’s stuff because it’s out of any frame. Sometimes he provides gentle and r’n’b-oriented vibes, sometimes he represents a raw street expression. A lethal weapon from the UK.

He is on Snapchat as davem1st

To Listen: No Words, Samantha


EarthGang snapchat

They claim they’re an essence of hip-hop. They inspire, entertain and educate, in other words. It’s absolutely true, Johnny and Doctur do it at 100 percent. It’s possible because rap is freedom for souls of these two positive freaks from Atlanta. I bet your mother would like to listen to them.

They are on Snapchat as EARTHGANG

To Listen: Robots, Voodoo


Emmavie snapchat

A fresh wave of nu-soul arrived. Emmavie is both great singer and producer. She shares hazy, intriguing soundscape with you. This music concoction will be a delight to your mind.

She is on Snapchat as EmmavieSXF

To Listen: That Feeling, Missing One Thing


Feid snapchat

According to YouTube, six out of ten most often watched music videos of 2017 are related to Latin America. Basically, this trend occurred because of reggaeton craze. It will carry on following years thanks to new generation represented by prolific Salomon Villada Hoyos aka Feid. Curiously enough, he’s another musician who demonstrates a bright, creative side of infamous Colombian city, Medellin.

He is on Snapchat as feidmde

To Listen: Ahora, La Respuesta


Fekky snapchat

Last year, we picked AJ Tracey as grime musician who cranks out smashing tracks along with having a time for snapping. 2018 will be the sign of uncompromising style of this rapper from South London. Everything that Fekky produces, he turns into crackers. A big player is rising.

He is on Snapchat as FekkyOfficial

To Listen: Avirex, Gossip


IAMDDB snapchat

When it comes to UK hip-hop scene, don’t focus too much on London. Otherwise, you could not recognize many prominent artists outside. Let’s look at Manchester, where this 21-year-old musician operates. Although it’s too early to call her an urban wonder, there is something going on. I strongly recommend to not let her out of your sight.

She is on Snapchat as dianadebrito

To Listen: More, Shade


Jade Bird

Jade Bird snapchat

She might be a daughter of Kate Bush and Bob Dylan living somewhere in Tennessee. Jade’s strong, alluring voice totally absorbs. Additionally, it stresses her artistic distinction and confidence. Sometimes she’s more country-oriented, other time she’s quite naughty. You can’t guess what would be next in her mind, in general. British storyteller who juggles country, soul and pop-rock spirit to establish her own world. I buy this one and another too.


He is on Snapchat as jadebirdmusic

To Listen: Cathedral, What Am I Here For

James Arthur

James Arthur snapchat

Although James isn’t a pure newcomer, this collection would be half-done without him. James debuted in 2012 as UK “X Factor” winner but unfortunately he has vanished into thin air for many years. Finally, 2017 was breakthrough in his career because of appreciated achievements with a set of relevant international nominations (American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards). James is a perfect example of synergy between soul-oriented unmistakable voice and rockman charisma. Remember his name.

He is on Snapchat as RAFF2323

To Listen: Can I Be Him, Naked


JID snapchat

He’s another, along EarthGang, reason to put more interest in current Atlanta hip-hop scene. So if you’re looking for something between Aloe Blacc and Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D. will be a perfect choice for you. He’s one of a kind rap chameleon.

He is on Snapchat as jidsv

To Listen: Hereditary, General


Jillian Jacqueline

Jillian Jacqueline snapchat

Country music isn’t dead. It doesn’t tend to appeal to only silver generation. Country music is still able to make surprises because of its evolution. Jillian shows that it’s possible to cultivate roots (intimate nature and cheerful vibes) while taking a few steps further, tactfully heading towards rock or pop world. Even if you don’t listen to this stuff on a daily basis, you will do it after hearing Jacqueline tunes, for sure.

She is on Snapchat as jillianjmusic

To Listen: Reasons, Bleachers

Lottie Jade

Lottie Jade snapchat


Pure and beautiful nu-soul vitality. Lootie is the only 18-years-old singer so the world is her oyster. An essence of women-driven urban music, which needs to be unearthed, globally. Looking forward to hearing her incoming tunes from the debut album.

She is on Snapchat as isthatljade

To Listen: Oh Well, Bottom Dollar

Kristian Kostov

Kristian Kostov snapchat

Finally, Eastern Europe coming! He’s not next Justin Bieber nor Stanaj. This Bulgarian-Russian singer is just a wonderkid. Kristian excites and gives goosebumps. For sure, we will hear many times about this 17-years-old artist.

He is on Snapchat as: casualkris

To Listen: Beautiful Mess, You Got Me Girl!

Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson snapchat

A year without Scandinavian/ Nordic representative is like a wasted year. They always deliver a novel outlook on pop music. It won’t be different with Zara. Her electropop songs are full of elegance. I can’t imagine any radio dance playlist without galvanizing tunes by Zara. Taylor Swift has got a real contender.

She is on Snapchat as zaralarsson

To Listen: So Good, Ain’t My Fault


Mabel snapchat

Coming from a musical family - his father is Massive Attack producer - her destination was related to singing from the beginning. Having music in her veins, Mabel has been shaping her style for last few years. Now, this Swedish singer is ready to conquer the world. Her seductive r’n’b energy is what you need during winter’s never-ending nights.

She is on Snapchat as mabelmcvey

To Listen: Bedroom, Come Over

Kara Marni

Kara Marni snapchat

When it comes to 2017, London music was dominated by shocking grime artists and nu-soul musicians. Kara belongs to this second group. Unbelievably talented. Eargasm guaranteed.

She is on Snapchat as KaraMarni

To Listen: Golden, No Ordinary Love

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann snapchat

If you don’t dream, it’s like you don’t live. Because when you have dreams, you want to fulfil them wholeheartedly. This 18-year-old American singer knows that feeling. It’s making happen for her right now. Instead of candy pop, get ready for a dose of bold and thought-provoking songs. Pop music is looking at the bright side, finally.

She is on Snapchat as magsmoneymil

To Listen: Obsessed, Pretty Girl

MC Bin Laden

MC Bin Laden snapchat

I’m not sure if it was purposeful but his nickname is related to hidden agenda. He’s street rebel whose weapons are controversial lines. This is Brazilian funk, in fact. Prepare for noise, many bounces and unruly lyrics. Brainy turbulence.

He is on Snapchat as Mcbin-laden

To Listen: Vuck Vuck Da Hornet, Cara de Mau

Naira Marley

Naira Marley snapchat

He’s not rediscovered Bob Marley’s son or other relative because of his real name is Azeez Fashola. He entered the game 4 years ago. A connection between Nigerian heritage and influences of the place of current living (London) make his style such extraordinary. Thus, you can never guess what to expect to his next tune. Naira shuffles various jokers (afrobeat, reggae, dancehall) in the rap game. A canny guy.

He is on Snapchat as nairamarley

To Listen: Flying Away, Magic


Not3s snapchat

Probably Stormzy isn’t aware of the fact that the brought up musically the next generation of UK hip-hop scene. Proud of London’s Hackney, 19-year-old Not3s makes some noise deservedly. It will be only bigger, for sure. Mellowness from afrobeats, melancholy from r’n’b and laidbackness from dancehall, all in all, constitute the exclusive style of this young artist. I would say he is a Sean Paul’s son but it would be a disadvantage for him. Thanks to Not3s, UK hip-hop scene is still extremely fresh.

He is on Snapchat as not3s1

To Listen: Aladdin, Addison Lee

Nova Miller

Nova Miller snapchat

One day this Swedish lady will take over the world, for sure. She's only 16 years old with the marvellous voice, which makes you want to dance. Nova is another example why Scandinavian music market is so prosperous and captivating. Can’t wait for her debut full-length release.

She is on Snapchat as novamiller2112

To Listen: Anything For U, So Good


Sigrid snapchat

She’s not next Avril Lavigne nor Rory from “Gilmore Girls” who decided to follow the music career. Sigrid brings a volcano of contagious electro-fueled pop amplified by female hoarse voice. So don’t worry when you listen to her tunes a few hundred times. She will be a music masterpiece from Norway as Royksopp band is.

She is on Snapchat as thisissigrid

To Listen: Strangers, Plot Twist


Smino snapchat

After Atlanta, let’s take a look at hip-hop scene in St. Louis due to another promising rapper from the US. He doesn’t make hip hop for just hip-hop. Smimo is conscious of his magnetic force to disseminate convivial vibes. Additionally, there’s something about Outkast’s Andre 3000 (great appeal) and Chance the Rapper (unique flow) in his works. Smino calls it soulful rap or futuristic funk. You can also name it wonky, intelligent rap.

He is on Snapchat as SmeezyDot

To Listen: Netflix & Dusse, Anita

Stefflon Don

Stefflon Don snapchat

Since recently, UK female hip-hop scene has become fruitful due to a set of fascinating rappers. I mean Ms Banks, Nadia Rose, Paigey Cakey, Lady Leshurr to name a few. So let’s welcome another member. Stefflon’s heavy dark style reminds a little of Young M.A. plus Nicki Minaj. It’s an elusive impression, though. Incorporation of dancehall and afrobeat pieces gave her a brand-new recognition.

She is on Snapchat as STEFFLON-DON

To Listen: Real Ting, 16 Shots


Sza snapchat

Achieving a critical acclaim by five nominations at Grammy 2018 (Best New Artist, Best New Artist, Best R&B Song, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Rap/Sung Performance), she has considered as one of the biggest musical breakouts on r’n’b scene in the USA. When you listen to her songs, it’s like you would hear an art of r’n’b perfection which is a combination of Amy Winehouse, Sade and Erykah Badu. Sza music is simply ethereal giving a calm sense of relaxation. And it makes you feel like a teenager.

She is on Snapchat as itsjustsza

To Listen: The Weekend, Drew Barrymore


Taya Snapchat

Since now, Liverpool should be associated not only with The Beatles, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Ladytron, but also with his lady. Armed with Beyonce sophistication and Ariana Grande energy, Taya takes r’n’b to the next level where sensuality is dangerously seductive. The princess with the big heart in music.

She is on Snapchat as taylorfowlis

To Listen: Skin, When Ur Sober

Tiana Major9

Tiana Major9 snapchat

This East Londoner maverick may cause a little confusion for you. Some of you would say she’s r’n’b singer. Others would claim that Tiana represents acid jazz scene. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle. So let’s imagine Amy Winehouse would be born in New Orlean. You will listen to her classy voice over and over, for sure.

She is on Snapchat as TianaMajor9

To Listen: Autumn My Love, Merry Go

Tom Walker

Tom Walker snapchat

Is he Joe Cocker junior or next Chris Cornell? Tom sits between them. His masculinity forceful voice is addictive. This singer from Manchester builds a solid bridge between soul and rock music. I’m looking forward to hearing a collaboration between Tom and Rag'n'Bone Man.

He is on Snapchat as iamtomwalker

To Listen: Heartland, Leave a Light On

Melisa Whiskey

Melisa Whiskey snapchat

It’s not an alter ego of Adele (yeah I repeated her name again - I know). Melisa operates quite broader and smarter. Her powerful, spatial voice excellently fits an array of UK urban stylistics (soul, UK garage). That’s why each song composed by this lady from London is a killer. Sophistication in Melisa tunes is mesmerising. I want more! I guess you would need it too.

She is on Snapchat as melisawhiskey

To Listen: Billin, Sweetest Cake

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert snapchat

On a hip-hop scene, you can stumble upon many guys who start at Lil: Wayne, Peep (R.I.P.), Yachty, Jon, among others. For some time, this Lil-family has got another member: Lil Uzi Vert.  Philadelphia rapper isn’t worse than the rest of Lil-family members. His laidback, trippy and autotune-dominated formula hides countless volume of expectation. Especially, if you’re for oldschool 808 bounce along punk toughness.

He is on Snapchat as VERT94

To Listen: Unfazed, XO Tour Llif3


Yungen snapchat

Along with Not3s, Fekky, Belly Squad, he opens a new chapter of grime music. So don’t expect a supremacy of dark, raw menacing vibes. Londoner Yungen convey a rainbow of afrobeat-inclined convivial and lively rhythms for partygoers looking for hanging out. Pure pleasure.

He is on Snapchat as YungenPlayDirty

To Listen: All Night, Bestie

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