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Amazing commercial Snapchat lenses to try out

Customization of self-expression is an enormous advantage for Snapchat. It can happen thanks to plenty of lenses available, easily turned on by just a few clicks. Many brands leverage this creative tool to be in touch with the tech-savvy audience. Some of them do it in a really smart way.

I bet you have used puppy/ nerd/ pug dog/ Pikachu or flower crown lenses at least for ounces to date, haven’t you? Presumably, your early experience with this mobile app was innocently toying with taking a snap of doing impression of being a geek, animal or a fairy tale princess. It rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Although this may sound a bit silly, sometimes making a fool of yourself is great fun. And some of you could feel like that at swiping on this mobile app. By all means, embracing Snapchat lenses doesn’t mean you drop the ball. So don’t feel guilty that sometimes your needs lead you to beef up your digital appearance in an outlandishly expressive technology-driven way. You won’t freak out anytime, fortunately.

Since recently, brands have been struggling to live up to this superior digital experience on Snapchat. This prestigious level has been reached by few, so far. Thanks to them, you can try on Simba and Nala mask. Or you can take part in a gig or get involved in a secret mission. Not to mention music-related examples which bring your idols on hand. Generally, everything really holds water. Action, interaction, go ahead!

Keep in mind to not put the brakes on picking Snapchat lenses whenever you want. It’s such an appealing and positively addictive feeling that both your mom or grandma will enjoy it (getting them frisky). And don’t believe in a fish story that these lenses are attributed to young people only. Otherwise, you will eat your words sometime or other.


Bacardi Snapchat lens


BMW Snapchat lens


Crocs Snapchat lens

Defence Jobs Australia

Defense Australia Snapchat lens

Post Malone

Post Malone Snapchat lens 

The Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers Snapchat lens

The Lion King

Lion King Snapchat lens


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