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25+ striking facts you probably didn’t know about Snapchat

Millennials, streaks, geofilter, messenger feature, short-lived snaps - these elements probably come to your mind when you think about Snapchat. However, I bet you don’t know its deepest secrets. Yes, snap treasure which really exists. Below, we’ll try to bring to light whatever we’ve found out about these.

Communication policy by Snapchat is quite frugal and foggy. Unfortunately, Its doesn’t let public opinion in on projects which are carried out. Thus, oftentimes you’re thrown back on individual inquisitiveness to get something more from offstage, something from behind the Snapchat scene. But when you collect all these pieces in the right order, you can read off a set of intriguing facts about this mobile app. That’s what we did.

It’s about time to check whether you really know everything about Snapchat or not. We finally prepared 24 facts about this mobile app. They’re not brainer, that’s for sure. We didn’t want to bore you about its demographic audience, for example. We’re curious if you know what most popular sports disciplines are on Snapchat. Or do you know its crucial markets globally? Or what are the most popular content formats and important feature? Not to mention Snapchat relationship with startups, YouTube, local tourism and even single people.


Fact #1

For Snapchat users, the most important feature of this app is messaging (68 percent), not Stories (28 percent) or Discover (4 percent).

Source: Recode

Fact #2

When it comes to music streaming services, Snapchat users mostly prefer YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.

Source: Snapchat blog

Fact #3

Snapchat is still the most favourite social network among US teens. It’s picked more frequently than Instagram (44 percent and 24 percent, accordingly).

Source: Recode

Fact #4

Snapchat division in the UK consists of 29-person team.

Source: Business Insider

Fact #5

Originally, Snapchat was known as Picaboo. However, it was renamed to Snapchat in 2012.

Source: Twitter

Fact #6

Basketball, soccer, boxing and ice hockey are the most popular sports disciplines among Snapchat audience.

Source: Snapchat blog

Fact #7

This mobile app is one of 57 startups across the world which became the unicorn in 2017.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Fact #8

USA, Canada, Australia, the UK along with France, Germany, Spain and … Saudi Arabia, Brazil are the key markets for Snapchat.

Source: Snapchat blog, Twitter, CNBC

Fact #9

Snapchat “Stories” and filters became a basic format for other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram)

Source: MediaShift, The Next Web, Falcon

Fact #10

This mobile app established its own accelerate program dedicated to startups globally.

Source: VentureBeat, ADWEEK

Fact #11

It’s a crucial channel for YouTube stars because of a specific audience.

Source: MarTech Today

Fact #12

Snapchat crew is working on the second generation of Spectacles.

Source: Techcrunch, The Verge, Variety

Fact #13

If you’re looking for early adopters as well as consumers of premium products, you will find them mostly there.

Source: Snapchat blog

Fact #14

Snapchat struggles to break into new markets (Latin America, India).

Source: TheStreet

Fact #15

Snapchat users scan over 8 million snapcodes every day.

Source: Business Insider

Fact #16

This mobile app is among top 5 social networks where people from the US spend their time online.

Source: Statista

Fact #17

The most popular content types on Snapchat are Product and Lifestyle (23 percent accordingly), Event and Call to Action (8 percent accordingly) and Celebrity/ Influencer (7 percent).

Source: L2

Fact #18

It is becoming an important news source for Americans.

Source: PEW Research Center

Fact #19

Snapchat is the second-most-loved social media-based global brand.

Source: NetBase

Fact #20

Singles choose Snapchat over Instagram for flirting.

Source: Clover App

Fact #21

According to Tennessee Department of Tourism Development data, out of every $1 invested in Snapchat marketing, $18 is returned.

Source: Time Free Press

Fact #22

Cornish town, St Ives, released a geofilter to persuade tourists not to feed seagulls there. Over 13k people used this geofilter so far.

Source: Cornwall LIVE

Fact #23

Up to now, Game of Thrones’ lens has drawn attention of over 45 million users on Snapchat. They usually played with it for over 2 minutes. It’s the new record in terms of building engagement on Snapchat by Snapchat sponsored lenses.

Source: Variety

Fact #24

In Mexico, Snapchat has over 10 million users: 7 million women and 3 million men. 5 million Colombian people (3 million women and 2 million men) use this mobile app. In Latin America, Snapchat users open it more than 20 times daily spending over 30 minutes every day.

Source: Portada


Fact #25

70 per cent of Snapchat daily users have their own Bitmoji avatar.

Source: The New York Times


Fact #26

Snapchat is most popular in following US states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,  Kentucky, Massachusetts,  Mississippi,  New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Source: CenturyLink


Fact #27

On average, Gen Z's user opens this mobile app 11 times daily. 

Source: TAPinto


Fact #28

A typical American Snapchat user, who uses Android version of this mobile app, snaps within almost 50 minutes daily.

Source: Recode


Fact #29

In Saudi Arabia, 9 million people take snaps daily.

Source: OZY 

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