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These dubstep producers have settled on Snapchat

Have you heard about sex between the machines? Well, even if it does not literally exist, some claim that it can be witnessed by listening to a peculiar kind of music. Dubstep, as it’s the genre in question, is the latest generation of urban music born in South London 20 years ago.

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Snapchat can jump, NBA can take a snap. NBA on Snapchat

Amazing slam jams, impressive set of assists, gorgeous cheerleaders and extraordinary dynamics of every match - this is, among others, what millions of people across the world love in NBA. Moreover, do you know that basketball is one of the most popular sports disciplines among Snapchat users too? Surprised? Thrilled? If you are, just learn more.

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24 striking facts you probably didn’t know about Snapchat

Millennials, streaks, geofilter, messenger feature, short-lived snaps - these elements probably come to your mind when you think about Snapchat. However, I bet you don’t know its deepest secrets. Yes, snap treasure which really exists. Below, we’ll try to bring to light whatever we’ve found out about these.

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Music artists on Snapchat to watch in 2018

2017 is coming to the end. It’s time to recap or make some steps further. We went for second way because of a specific thing. Our post entitled Music artists on Snapchat to watch in 2017 was among top 3 most readable articles from our blog in 2017. So we will go with the flow.h the flow.

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The ultimate list of 100+ high schools, colleges and universities to be found on Snapchat

Despite remarkable efforts to be a massive mobile app, teens are still a dominant user group on Snapchat. So why not leverage this fact and prepare something which hasn’t been done before? I mean a comprehensive repository of eduworld on Snapchat.

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