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Current list of YouTubers who love Snapchat

According to Snapchat data, YouTube world feels a great affection to Snapchat (despite some rumours about influencers’ massive retreat from this mobile app). So let’s find out if you can come across your favourite video-driven social media star snapping.

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Ecommerce world on Snapchat

A Snapchat transition from the underdog to the dark horse of social media is underway. In fact, over 187 million active users can’t be wrong. While Snapchat is building up its advertising roster, more and more industries notice this mobile app as a promising destination for their business. E-commerce is knocking on the Snapchat door too.

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Why Canada rock on Snapchat

Some people reckon that “New Albion” is a part of the USA (google it to check for yourself). It’s only a vain hope for those who jealously head to the north, to promise land, though. In fact, Canada wears the trousers on many surfaces. One of them is social media. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s driven by Canadian entities breaking a new ground in Snapchat marketing.

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Snapchat Marketing Insider: Zendesk

As attention became a new ruling currency in marketing paradigm nowadays, customer retention along developing branded communities of true advocates and evangelists have gained a new meaning for companies. To manage these customer behaviours, they have to take advantage of dedicated tools. One of them is (of course) Snapchat.

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These media make great job on Snapchat

Uncertain, rolling coaster-like times determine especially the media approach, which could be summarised as ‘be switched on to emerging solutions with hope to make a fortune’. The media become early adopters taking a risk which leads them toward the unknown. Media outlets not only embrace Snapchat in a dedicated way (Discover section) but also struggle to be your friend on this mobile app. It’s not a secret that Snapchat owners more or less woo media entities to produce snap-tailored and ephemeral content because of consideration for user attention. Basically, everything is about time spent daily by young people who are media agnostic. In other words, they don’t go for traditional television with its passive way to build audience experience. Additionally,...

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