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Why Canada rock on Snapchat

Some people reckon that “New Albion” is a part of the USA (google it to check for yourself). It’s only a vain hope for those who jealously head to the north, to promise land, though. In fact, Canada wears the trousers on many surfaces. One of them is social media. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s driven by Canadian entities breaking a new ground in Snapchat marketing.

Canada gets amazingly good press for donkey’s years. Incalculable and great values such as openness and progressiveness shape bedrock of its identity. Despite hyper challenging times, Canada doesn’t stray from this path. Living up to its principles is a plausible reason to enchant enamoured with countless people from all over the world. And it has been proved statistically. Ranging from introducing a gender neutral national anthem, through making an attempt to implement universal global income and zero-waste meals in schools as the first country in the world, to having greenest cities globally and putting high speed internet as essential value for quality of life, these events validate this state. 

Without going into further details of the origin of its unique attitude or national soul, let’s take a look at our favourites: marketing and Snapchat. This aspect looks very delightful. On the one hand, Canada is a place where marketing mavens were born. Check out the following outstanding works related to Quebec: A journey through Québec that reveals a new surprise every morning, 10 Reasons To Visit Québec This Summer. On the other hand, a spectacular journey along genuine experiences waits on Snapchat. Let’s finally move on there.

  • Prime Minister

  • Justin Trudeau is the Elvis Presley of global political world nowadays. He’s an extremely smart guy who constantly surprises us. He was a politician who took part in first Q&A Live Story on Snapchat. Believe me, it’s only a taste of what Trudeau can offer.

  • Team Canada

  • If you’re looking for best practices on Snapchat related to winter games, Canadian Olympic Team will provide the best things for you. Although, its activity is temporary (or rather seasonal as it depends on given events), it is really worth waiting for these snaps. They will be engraved in your memory. Additionally, check out their great ads from 2014 and 2016.

  • G7

  • Canada has broken boundaries again. First time in history, it embraces Snapchat as an official communication tool for its ongoing presidency of the group of seven largest advanced economies in the world. Don’t expect tiresome snaps from official events. Canada picked the grassroots perspective. And it was a wise and natural choice.

  • Scholastic Canada

  • Publishing sector isn’t quite much representative on Snapchat. But take it out of equation. While social media landscape is still evolving, big players with varying degrees pave a way for others. One of them is this Canadian largest children's book publisher. Being an early adopter is like the early bird catching the worm.

  • blogTO

  • This local media outlet was mentioned in a previous blog post. But there’s no objection to draw your attention to it again especially because big media companies could learn Snapchat marketing from this entity. blogTo Snapchat is a unique enhancement to its activity in social media. Its team do this fascinating work as fellows from US Forbes do, for example. In general, if you’re wondering how to connect journalism with ephemeral communication domain, here is the best answer.

  • Shopify

  • Many marketing-led doubters disdain Snapchat as a reliable place for real business to fulfill specific purposes. But this e-commerce company from Ontario closes their mouth for good. Shopify team is the master of multilevel marketing on Snapchat. It mixes various approaches (employer branding, product marketing, content marketing) in appropriate proportions. Everything brought together seems and sounds as Shopify know stuff.  

  • Tourism Calgary

  • It's a pattern of how place marketing operations should look like on Snapchat. In other words, if it's your field, you have to start following this Canadian city.

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