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To experience an unforgettable adventure with Snapchat, start by following these profiles

Once upon a time, someone recommended you to immediately check out a certain mobile app which is believed to powerfully remodel people’s perception of what social media is. You’re finally convinced to this idea and you grab a copy of it. At this moment, the first thought which comes to your mind is a necessity to look for people, friends or brands. You can’t find them, though. What’s your next step? Let’s find a help!

And ultimately you’re where you should land to tackle this problem once and for all. You’re lucky because - just for you - we’ve come up with a little guide how to find your way around and accustom yourself to this peculiar world. Our advice is based on taking a look at who you should follow in the beginning. However, you won’t see any galvanizing names (that is, celebrities, internet bigwigs). Just forget about them for a while. While preparing this plausible and representative list, we aspired to encourage you to explore snapworld in your own way.

Let’s go!


Snapchat: arsenictv

Why? Undoubtedly, its founders are ushers on leveraging this social media channel as a novel media outlet. ArsenicTV crew do it pure organically and uniquely without struggle to anchor in paid Discover section. This is how Playboy magazine would look if it was invented in 21st century. None of the media businesses can compare with it, to date. If you’re interested in this issue in more detail, check out which other media outlets do pioneering job on this mobile app.

Dr. Schulman

Snapchat: nycplasticsurg

Why? Plastic surgery isn’t an appealing business because of some myths which have sticked for years there. However, this doctor from NYC works at the grass roots to change people’s minds. He transparently invites digital visitors to watch what happens behind the curtain. Recommended especially or those having nerves of steel.

Edmonton Public Library

Snapchat: epldotca

Why? It’s not true that only big companies are good at this stuff. State-owned or city-owned institutions can take you by surprise. This Canadian public library does many fascinating things on Snapchat. It’s only about giving a chance.

French Notes

Snapchat: frenchnotes

Why? Currently, learning a foreign language can be so much easier than you’ve ever imagined. You can do it without turning off your smartphone. But I don’t consider countless of mobile apps to be found on Google or Apple store. As for most of teens (especially from the US) Snapchat is still a main social media destination, why not embrace snaps to conduct short, essential lessons for them? This French teacher from Ireland shows how it works.


Snapchat: nasa

Why? Science is a compelling field. So when you connect with technology-led approach, a great combination will appear. That’s why NASA, being an early adopter, rocks on social media, in general. It’s also because its Snapchat NASA snaps are something you had never seen before. Getting these social media experiences is pure pleasure. Additionally, It’s extremely addicted, so watch out!


Snapchat: nba

Why? Best of the best basketball players across the globe, who compete with each other, are strongly associated with the US. Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers are not only sport clubs but global brands. Their association, NBA, struggle to keep on being up-to-date with opportunities which occur on regular basis. So in face of short and ephemeral communication demands from the audience, it coped with it brilliantly. It’s Snapchat that is a perfect curator of sport entertainment for every basketball fan. For more things about NBA on Snapchat, go here.

Prime Minister of Canada

Snapchat: justintrudeaupm

Why? This country is trendy because of many convincing reasons. Its government does many amazing things not only for its people but also for the mankind in general. Amount of effort legitimizes its excellent understanding and clever adoption of a social media thinking. However, you’re wrong if you think that all the authorities and politicians can do is tweeting. Canadian sexiness and craziness, demonstrated by Canadian Prime Minister, are tangible on Snapchat as well. Surprisingly, there are more reasons connecting Canadian exceptional spirit with this mobile app. Are you curious? So take a look at this collection.

UK Army

Snapchat: britisharmyhq

Why? Except for Israeli Defence Force, unfortunately, there’s no more strong representative of military force, which appears on Snapchat on daily basis other than British Army. On one hand, it is reasonable because of security related to sensitive data for each country. On the other hand, however, this institution should be friendly with emerging new solutions if it wants to draw attention of young people. UK Army has applied this viewpoint which is explicitly seen on snaps.

Visit Philadelphia

Snapchat: visitphilly

Why? As yet, this Pennsylvania’s largest city (along Canadian Calgary) disseminates an urban missive packed with directions for its addressees - whether they’re hesitated or determined - how to step into this mobile app world and build their own strong snap-image there. However, basic principles are getting to know that Snapchat isn’t new darling nor a fad among youth. Snapchat marketing is the next level of social media progression - equipped with subtle values such as digital intimate relationships and virtual elusive communication - elevates experience of place marketing to be more sophisticated and authentic. Philadelphia’s snaps offer countless useful hints to master the principles.


Snapchat: weratedogs

Why? We all love animals, don’t we? So it should be nothing of a surprise they evoke extraordinary engagement on social media platforms. We react in this way because they’re fluffy, sweet and innocent bringing a smile on our faces. Puppies and kittens seriously can take over people minds and hearts. Thus, Snapchat isn’t an exception when it comes to this issue. Additionally, it really helps to seek new homes for those pets which have been maltreated before.

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