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The most often googled people in the USA available on Snapchat (October 2018 edition)

With Autumn upon them, people are still hungry for the set of new snapcodes. And here they are finally, not without keeping our noses to the grindstone to compile them.

Curiosity is a keyword - or skill according to others - that helps understand many people’s behaviour. One of such interesting human traits is to be interested snapcodes by big kahunas. Regardless of state, or city, or profession, all people want is to keep their ears to the ground with regard to big names.

Old stuff meets with new, as usual. Thanks to that, this Snap-driven conflation seems remarkably better than before.

This compilation is so compelling under one condition. You have to read it from cover to cover.

Digital personalities

James Charles

Snapchat: jamescharless

Emma Chamberlain

Snapchat: emmachambie

Trisha Pytas

Snapchat: trishaonyt

Garrett Watts, YouTuber

Snapchat: Garrett_Watts

Jeffree Star, YouTuber

Snapchat: jeffreedahmer

James Charles, YouTuber

Snapchat: jamescharless

Dylan Conrique

Snapchat: dylanconrique

Brandon Westenberg, internet personality

Snapchat: beyond-brandon

Emma Chamberlain, YouTuber

Snapchat: emmachambie

Entertainment world

Hailey Baldwin

Snapchat: haileybisboring

Boonk Gang

Snapchat: thehumblebully

Billie Eilish - musician

Snapchat: to find here

Ethan Dolan

Snapchat: EthanDolan

Joey King

Snapchat: Itsmejoeyking

Ariana Grande

Snapchat: moonlightbae

Gwen Stefani

Snapchat: to find here

Shawn Mendes

Snapchat: shawnmendes1


Snapchat: zendaya_96

Cole Sprouse

Snapchat: olekingcole

Khloe Kardashian

Snapchat: khloekardashian

Stephen Curry

Snapchat: stephencurry314

Draymond Green

Snapchat: money23green

Lili Reinhart

Snapchat: lilireinhart

India Love

Snapchat: loveindiaW

Iggy Azalea

Snapchat: iggyazalea

Colleen Ballinger

Snapchat: Colleen

Chief Keef

Snapchat: almighchiefso

Niykee Heaton

Snapchat: niykeeheaton

Luke Combs

Snapchat: lukecombs

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