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How to be a top-notch in employer branding on Snapchat? You got it here!

In the dog-eat-dog environment, companies engage in a variety of strategies for struggling for people’s attention on Snapchat. They do it for some reason. Building brand awareness and acquiring customers is one of them. But others do it with hope to poach and attract talented new employees, instead.

As importance of social media has been increasing worldwide for years - and caused that billions of people can’t image a daily life without staring their screens at these internet platforms - companies found a great ally in them. It can be measured in few dimensions. One of them is related to be a reservoir of a qualified workforce. Obtaining the best of the best is a huge challenge for brands, thus their businesses shift towards new media including Snapchat.

Because of its quite relatively young audience (it’s most preferred destination for teens together with people aged between 18 and 34), more and more companies have discovered this mobile app as a perfect channel for their employer branding shebang. Especially that short and raw video format as well as Messenger-style communication, which is temporarily available, univocally pinpoint that every company can deliver a one of the kind experience on Snapchat. These collected examples, taken from IT, finance, airlane, publishing, consulting and e-commerce, show it very clearly. They speak themselves.

The bottom line is that if you’re in the doldrums of how to use Snapchat in positioning your company as an interesting and remarkable workplace for people, learn a lesson from these brands below. Don’t be entombed in unknown or lack of knowledge, don’t lose social media-driven opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to become an old hand at managing brand awareness on Snapchat.


(Snapchat’s handle: lifeatalku)

Alku at Snapchat

BNP Paribas

(Snapchat’s handle: bnpparibas)

BNP Paribas at Snapchat


(Snapchat’s handle: wearecisco)

Cisco at Snapchat


(Snapchat’s handle: gartner_inc)

Gartner at Snapchat


(Snapchat’s handle: lufthansa)

Lufthansa at Snapchat

Penguin Random House Careers

(Snapchat’s handle: prhcareersuk)

Penguin Random House at Snapchat

PwC Ireland

(Snapchat’s handle: pwc_ireland)

PwC Ireland at Snapchat

Quicken Loans Careers

(Snapchat’s handle: qlcareers)

Quicken Loans Careers at Snapchat


(Snapchat’s handle: shopify)

Shopify at Snapchat


(Snapchat’s handle: zendesk)

Zendesk at Snapchat 

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